About Us

Hi!  I’m Kelly.   And this is LadyBeast Creative.

Like a lot of other Lady-types, I’m a lot of things.  I’m a writer, a mom, and a librarian.  I’m a spouse and a daughter and a sister.  I’m a friend, a drama queen, and an attention whore.  And I’m utterly, hopelessly, and completely ADHD.

Like a lot of people-pleasing ADHD women, I got diagnosed late in life.  And like a lot of those women, I’d spent most of that time ingesting the idea that I was my own problem.  That if I just stopped being lazy and worked harder everything would be fine.  So when I got my official diagnosis in the spring of 2020, I was thrilled.  I finally had solid evidence that I wasn’t being lazy or imagining things.  I was ADHD.  My challenges were actually higher than I’d thought, and it was just the way I was made.
Two months later, I crashed into a gaping depression.  I had finally realized that my challenges were worse than I’d thought, and it was the just way I was made.   My whole life, I’d always thought that I’d “grow out” of my issues.  But now I had the paperwork to prove that wasn’t going to happen.

I always wanted to be more. Now, I just want to be enough.

And that’s what LadyBeast Creative is about.  It’s about being enough.  It’s about using what you’ve got to do what you can, and being okay with your best.  It’s about embracing joy and humor, and doing the work I love instead of hating the work I do.

Welcome to my world.  I hope we can be friends :).